Intelligent Inspections Results

Case Study


Enovation Partners developed this inspection program with 8 US gas utilities and the Gas Technology Institute to address the gas industry construction and operations challenges.


Client: Gas Utility and Local Distribution Company


  • What, how, and how much to inspect

  • How to focus on key quality and performance leverage points

  • How to best manage a growing and diverse contractor based work force

  • How to provide better tools and support for inspectors, managers and executives

  • How to rapidly deliver a custom solution with the existing IT infrastructure

Using our mobile, cloud based inspection platform, configured to each client's operating environment to enable the effective field inspections of gas pipeline and other gas infrastructure assets.


Intelligent Inspections implementation had a dramatic impact on:

Inspection Efficiency


Inspection data 15 months after implementation. April 2019

Quality of Construction

Source: Inspection data, 15 months after implementation, April 2019
  • Company has a practice of post construction digups to manage construction quality. Typically done on recently completed construction

  • Intelligent inspection include a standardized form for points of inspection for such digups

  • Company observed that since implementing Intelligent Inspections the expectations are more clear and inspection outcomes are a lot more transparent to the contractors, which the company believes led to the overall error rate reduction

Inspector Satisfaction

Total responders = 21

Total responders = 21

Benefits gained:

  • Improved construction quality and crew performance

  • Reduced implementation time of upgrades and refinements to less than one week

  • Performance increases by inspectors and managers

  • Quality monitored internally and benchmarked against standards



Driving performance by transforming inspection

For more on RPA and Digital Gas Operations contact: Jim Peters and Natallia Pinchuk