Risk and Performance Assurance

Transforming inspection and operations performance


A gas industry solution to drive quality and performance improvement

Risk and Performance Assurance (RPA) is a transformation technology platform developed with eight industry leading gas utilities as part of a Gas Technology Institute sponsored initiative.

"RPA offered a proven solution developed for the gas industry by gas industry. We also found the developer had both the gas industry knowledge and the transformation expertise to help us quickly build and implement a company tailored solution.”

RPA developed by

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The Gas Technology Institute and 8 Gas Utilities


an automated mobile solution

Operations leadership wants clear objectives for its infrastructure inspection program:

“We considered developing our own solution and looked at other commercially available tools. However, the commercial inspection solutions were developed for other industries and then adapted to the gas construction environment. Developing it ourselves would require a long time, significant resources and expertise that was in short supply. "
  • What to inspect
  • How to inspect
  • How much to inspect
  • How to focus on key quality and performance leverage points
  • How to best manage a growing and diverse contractor based work force
  • How to provide better tools and support for inspectors, managers and executives

Increased Quantity and Coverage of Inspections with RPA


Custom configuration and reports

Inspection content and criteria is configured to precisely fit the company’s design standards, regulatory environment, work flows, physical environment, internal legacy systems and operating practices. The RPA solution and technology is in the hands of inspectors within weeks of beginning the project, it is then tested and refined.

The configured and enabled RPA solution is implemented across all company operations, including all workflow support, performance reporting, training, and statistical models.

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For more information on RPA contact: Wally Buran and  Jim Peters



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