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Enovation Analytics DER Economics Tool

Distributed Energy Analytic Services


Enovation Analytics DER Economics Tool

Distributed Energy Analytic Services

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Enovation Analytics has developed the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Economics Tool to profile and forecast the economics that drive distributed resource adoption. This tool is supported by proprietary revenue, asset, and tariff databases which Enovation maintains.

This diversified tool allows for:

Project and Portfolio Economics 

Calculate project or portfolio economics across a variety of scenarios based on custom loadshapes and up to 4 revenue stacking:

  • Bill Management & Peak Load Contribution Management
  • Incentives
  • Demand Response
  • Wholesale Markets

DER Asset Dispatch Optimization 

Determine the optimal sub-hourly dispatch strategy for "Behind the Meter" (BTM) energy storage assets, turbines, reciprocating engines, and fuel cells. Optimal dispatch is based on our proprietary DR and wholesale market forecasts, as well as demand and peak load charge mitigation.

DER Penetration Analysis 

See customized forecasts of DER penetration based on project economics in user-defined scenarios. Explore how changes to policies, tariffs, and technology specifications will impact DER penetration and the local grid topography. Plan for the addition of independently owned & operated DERs on the grid.

DER Site and Loadshape Selection  

Compare and prioritize loadshapes and locations for specific DER installations. Go beyond rough load-factor assessments to understand at a 15-minute level what type of distributed energy resource is best for every site. Site selection is supported by our GIS database for insolation, emissions limitations, gas prices, and incentives.

DER Sales Support

Understand customer’s loadshape and optimal size, and price any DER installation in seconds. Explore how the addition of DER assets may change retail pricing or impact tariff eligibility.

Data Services

Run custom analysis or get access to Enovation’s proprietary industry databases.
Data include:

  • State and Federal incentives and programs
  • Current and forecasted technology specs for energy storage, solar, turbines, engines, and fuel cells
  • Curated tariff database across the US
  • Custom loadshape database of location-linked load profiles


Let Enovation Analytics open up the world of Distributed Energy Resources for you. Through our suite of offerings we are able to unlock compelling opportunities and guide strategic decisions in an evolving grid.

To learn more about our analytics and data offerings, please contact us.

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