Enovation Partners, with DEFG and the UCRC, have conducted a multi-phase, multi-utility study on the impact of the rapid growth of solar on electric utilities and on the residential customer experience.


Rapid growth of residential solar market

Residential solar has expanded aggressively over the last several years.  Many players and factors are involved: PV installers, 3rd party vendors, incentive structures, retail suppliers, utilities, regulatory and consumer protection organizations.  


New pressures, and changes to the utility business model

It is more than just interconnection, billing, and customer service.  This study identifies challenges and opportunities for the electric utility due to the widespread deployment of residential PV arrays.


End to end view of customer experience

The complete picture: from customer interest, contract terms, installation and ongoing operations, through interactions with all involved parties, to the end of array lifecycle.


Scenario planning and risk assessment - coming soon

Utilities seek a deeper understanding of the customer experience and the implications of this fundamental change.

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