In July 2013, we created a dynamic and close-knit partnership—a new kind of consultancy with a vision to help companies innovate and grow in a changing energy world.The industry is still in the early stages of fundamental change. As such, successful innovation will create increasing returns for companies. That will not come simply from implementing an “innovation process,” but rather from making informed decisions and actually doing things differently, and well. Our goal is to support incumbents, investors, and entrepreneurs all along the way, regardless of the traditional boundaries and structure of consulting firms.Over the last two years, this innovation model—featuring teams where every person has deep energy and infrastructure expertise—has helped to deliver great results for leading utilities, retailers, developers, EPCs, manufacturers, midstream, entrepreneurs, and private equity investors

In the last year, Enovation Partners’ own growth has been phenomenal: We’ve doubled our team, revenues, and client base… and we keep growing.

New Programs

A meaningful basis for discussing the costs and benefits of energy storage. We’re working with global investment bank Lazard to establish a levelized cost of storage—much likeLazard’s widely followed levelized cost of energy—for a set of common storage use cases to help investors, suppliers, and utilities make informed business decisions about storage. Utilities also benefit from our innovative energy storage workshops, delivered by storage experts, designed to help management teams define a coherent storage strategy and decide where and when to invest.

Advanced analytics to ensure gas system integrity. We’re partnering with Space Time Insight and others to apply data science and statistical quality control to natural gas integrity management—including diagnostics, risk-based compliance assurance, situational intelligence, and predictive analytics.

A “heat map” for distributed generation. We’ve developed models and tools to quantify the adoption path of distributed energy resources (e.g., solar, storage, asset-backed demand response) across a full range of tariff and regulatory regimes and to support investment decisions for developers, suppliers, and utilities.

New ways to access innovative technologies. Leveraging private equity and nonregulated investment experiences of our team, we’re helping utilities and PE firms build low-cost, highly effective capabilities to uncover and invest in promising energy technologies.

Integration strategies for DR, DG, and commodities to benefit commercial and industrial customers. We’re combining our understanding of regulation, markets, and technology to help retailers and utilities harness rapidly evolving behind-the-meter technologies and rules to create more value for C&I customers.

Carbon intensity strategies for generation fleets. We’re helping generators throughout the 111(d) process, from identifying which options make economic sense, to leveraging our team’s experience in project development to get iron in the ground. We’re helping define “gas beyond the grid” projects to reduce the use of oil. And we’ve helped launch community solar programs that accelerate adoption of PV in a low-cost model.

New People

Erik Anderson (Advisor), president of WestRiver Management, focuses on developing innovation platforms by providing integrated capital solutions… Brad Barton is the former Director of Commercialization, U.S. Department of Energy and an expert in new technology investing and management consulting… Ron Bertasi (Affiliate Director), former CEO of Southern Company gas and energy services affiliates, has deep experience in strategy and private equity… Wally Buran handles enterprise transformation, strategy implementation, and energy supply chain effectiveness… Matt Guarini, former CIO of National Grid US, drives strategy design and implementation, marketing, operational effectiveness, and global sourcing… Shaunt Hartounian (Advisor) is a leader in CNG and LNG development for transportation… Ken-Ichi Hino targets business development, growth, and acquisition strategies for distributed energy resources… Robin McConnachiesupports energy consulting teams for maximum effect… Mike Nolan focuses on global solution management, process design and implementation, and market strategy… Benjamin Ziser brings a background in international utility development and innovative grid automation

In addition to new partnerships with Lazard and Space Time Insights, our affiliation with the GasTechnology Institute has addeda distinctive capability with transformational work in natural gas and emerging technology. And last month we were delighted to see the American Gas Association and GTI’s CEO David Carroll begin the three-year “American” presidency of the International Gas Union.

It has also been a year of presentations and participation at some of the industry’s most important meetings: EEI’s Strategic Issues Roundtables, Financial Conference, and Annual Convention; the Energy Storage Association’s Annual Conference and Investment Conference; AGA’s Financial Forums; the World Gas Conference; Intersolar; SPI; NARUC; World Fuels; and many more, with more to come.

The Future

As we start our third year, it will be a critical one for the evolution of distributed resources, the utility model, innovations in finance, and the global gas industry.

Thanks for your support over our first two years, and we look forward to announcing many more innovations in the months ahead!!!